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Waste Oil Boilers - Used Oil Heaters

Heating Solutions for Business & Agriculture

Significantly reduce or even eliminate your heating costs by utilizing waste oil boilers or heaters for your heating needs. Waste oil boilers and heaters fueled with used oils such as used vegetable oils, recycled oil, used motor oils, used transmission fluids or used hydraulic oils can virtually eliminate your heating costs.

At AgSolutions, we provide waste oil boiler and heater solutions for general business as well as agriculture, poultry houses, greenhouses and other applications.

The AgSolutions waste oil boiler is the most cost competitive system that can be purchased. We encourage you to compare our prices and quality against the competition. If a waste oil heater is better suited to you needs, we carry the Heatwave waste oil heater - a leader in the industry. Both our boilers and heaters feature the Kagi waste oil burner, the most reliable burner on the market.

Waste oil heating systems can be utilized by virtually any type of business for all their heating and domestic hot water needs.

Warehouse Heating

Industrial Heating

 Warehouse Heating

 Car wash heating

 Process heating such as biodiesel production

 Hot water de-icing (facility parking lots, driveways and sidewalks)

 Domestic hot water heating

Greenhouse Heating

 Greenhouse Heating and Agricultural Heating

Root heating systems

Hot water radiant heating of all types

Under bench heating systems

Hot water unit heaters

Poly-tube heaters

Poultry house heating systems



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